Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thinking and up beat music are not good mixes!

I am thinking and listening to Lady Gaga...not a good mix, xD I love her she has an amazing voice so don’t criticize...I think Isabella is going to get a blog tomorrow and maybe Sarah is too...


my favorite songs are:
~Alejandro -Lady Gaga
~Eh Eh (nothing else I can say) -Lady Gaga
~1,2 step- Ciara
~Heartless- Kanye West
~Missing you-B.E.P (Black Eyed Peas)
~Out of my head-B.E.P
~Shut up-B.E.P
~Lets get it started in here-B.E.P
~Imma Be- B.E.P
~Poker face- Lady Gaga
~I got a brand new Girlfriend-NA
~I'm AWESOME!-Spose

wow... as I wrote those more and more kept coming to my mind... as you can tell I like hip hop, R&B, Country and Pop... BTW those are not in order of my favorite those all rank highest... also I listen to Taylor Swift....

WOAH its late....Night

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