Monday, April 26, 2010


Another one of my besties (Sarah)came over this Saturday and spent the night! We had lots of fun and went Kayaking on the Rapids in the river in the back of our house 3 TIMES! Had lots of funa and then on sunday she and I continued all the way to the lake!!!! I AM SOOOOOO TIRED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check in later,

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ready to ride camp!!

The camp was soooo much fun!! My pony was sooo WONDERFUL!!! He and I jumped the highest we have all year and end of last year... 2 feet and 6 inches!!! usually I jump 18 inches... Our instructor was Super!!! Except I still lke the one from last year a whole lot more!!! The group I was in was the best group ever!! mainly D-2s (a level of riding in Ponyclub...) and then a AWESOME D-3!!! this is a video of 3 of the 5 of my group.... it is an inside joke...

HAHAHHAAHH let me explain.... the blonde girl( that's Isabella, actually) who comes in from the right, started the whole weird hands on head and rotating hips thing.... when we wern't riding at camp we had activities... and one was rider loosening one of the exercises, we had to make circles with our hips, and then Isabella was putting up her hair while doing so and it turned into an inside funny joke.... and the poping hip thing is just another fun exercise!!
so ya you are probobly just not finding that funny at all but I find it hillarious....

I am sooo tired now!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The day I wrote my last blog I went to the beach with my best friend(Isabella), her mom, her dog,and one of my dogs! We wrote in the sand and had compititions of who could go the farthest in the water! We had lots and lots of fun!! I took pictures but I cant upload pictures to blogger for some reason....
Gotta go pack,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting Prepared

Today my mom is leaving for Clevland, she is a Life Coach. She stays in Clevland and learns more about Life Coaching. So anyways I am going to an OverNight camp for horse back riding this Friday,Saturday,Sunday, and Monday! You have to bring your own horse and own food for them and bedding and everything they would normaly need. Well the People who are hosting the camp will be providing water for them and stalls for them! I am so excited! One of my best friends is going to be there with her horse and my brother and his horse!!!

Every Friday I go to Homeschooling classes and do 4 different classes: Algebra, Writing, (Decimals,fractions and percents) and then American Literature!

I am a pretty good writer, I guess, my story right now is about a girl who gets telepoprted to a copy of her world and has to save it from the Evil Lord who has his Cylclons go around and kill people who dont do the right things or somtimes just for the heck of it!!!
Also the two math classes are very easy at the moment for me because I have already done these things...and in the American Literature class we are reading is"1984". Its a pretty decent book.

The day before yesturday I went over to a friends and spent the night. She lives right by the beach!!! So I got lots of shells for me and my mom because we both love white shells!

Thats all for now!!