Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ready to ride camp!!

The camp was soooo much fun!! My pony was sooo WONDERFUL!!! He and I jumped the highest we have all year and end of last year... 2 feet and 6 inches!!! usually I jump 18 inches... Our instructor was Super!!! Except I still lke the one from last year a whole lot more!!! The group I was in was the best group ever!! mainly D-2s (a level of riding in Ponyclub...) and then a AWESOME D-3!!! this is a video of 3 of the 5 of my group.... it is an inside joke...

HAHAHHAAHH let me explain.... the blonde girl( that's Isabella, actually) who comes in from the right, started the whole weird hands on head and rotating hips thing.... when we wern't riding at camp we had activities... and one was rider loosening exercises....in one of the exercises, we had to make circles with our hips, and then Isabella was putting up her hair while doing so and it turned into an inside funny joke.... and the poping hip thing is just another fun exercise!!
so ya you are probobly just not finding that funny at all but I find it hillarious....

I am sooo tired now!!

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