Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So since It was so hot outside today Isabella and her mom met us at my towns swim hole and we went swimming for almost an hour and a half!!!! It was SOOO refreshing, she came over afterwards and then came with us to tennis and today in tennis Harison, Noah, Theo, and I were cracking "ball jokes"! :) FUNNNNN!!!! after that we just hung out till my mom drove us to her meditation where her mom somtimes goes, We had to be really quiet, We had to move to an upstairs room bcause we couldn't stop giggling... B-D we just laughed, talked and ate rice cakes with creamy peanut butter!!! :P now it looks like its gonna thunder and I want to watch some more "red vs blue"!!! I LOVE YOU CABOOSE! IT'S OK TO BE STUPID SOMTIMES!! haha Caboose is amazing and if you watch red vs. blue you know why!!!

here is a typical caboose sceene:
Church: My legs wont work!!
Caboose: Hmmm, Have you tried walking it off?
Church: my LEGS WONT WORK....DUH!!!
Caboose: hmmmmmmmm....have you tried running??

XP hahahaha

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


On tuesdays I go to my tutor which you already know, but I also go to young womens... Thats a "group" of young women, and we usually just do random yet fun activities, its a group of christian people, I am not religious in any way...But there is also a group of young men... the reason why I said "group" was because it is usually only Abbey her mom (our leader, or what ever you want to call her) and me! thats why.... tonight, Our young women and young men met together and we all had a big activity! There was a guy who came and we did some line dancing and some swing the line dancing you dont have partners, but in swing dancing you do...swing dancing was fun though!

Monday, May 24, 2010

music and cupcakes

This morning my whole family and I went to the garden center, Mom and I got tons of flowers and my father got vegtables, Noah just helped my dad, So now the next step is to plant everything...we have already done the weeding....

Today at 3:15 I went to my flute and piano lessons, It wasn't the greatest... when I came home I wanted to make cupcakes, so I did! they are very good!

Nothing else to write about,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Horse Riding is a great is tennis

I just rode my pony for a good hour, and HE WAS AMAZING!!! We were cantering along side the rode and all of a sudden a car comes along side of us and he decides we should race...ugh... So I had to slow him down but after that whenever we went there he wanted to race the imaginary cars....hmmm.... we also did a little bit of jumping but sense it was so hot out today (68 degrees (that’s really warm for Maine in May)) I did not do a lot of energy taking things, such as a lot of cantering or jumping...

Also My mom, my brother and I went to the town's tennis court and played tennis for a while until two guys came and wanted to play tennis....One guy looked familiar... and he says pointing at Noah and I "are you Noah and Jackie?" "yes" I answered.... "hi I'm Jason Bignonia" I thought to myself " ya.... I know..." and when we were in he car Noah said how he hadn't recognized and I said I did and Noah says "how? STALKER!!" I go " no I see him jogging every Monday when we go my flute lesson.... and Noah goes "...HOT!" OMG!! GUYS do not have the right to say that about a guy who's class he would be in if he was still in public school there...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tennis+Sarah+Candy+Drill team+Isabella+sleepover = FUN TIMES!! xD

Sarah and I had so much fun playing tennis, we played soooo much tennis!!!! Once we played for almost 2hours my mom drove us to the penny candy store that is not even a minute away from the court we were playing on! We got some candy and then we went home! at home we made Sarah her blog! and then we hung out and watched Jake and Amir.... FUNNNNNNYYYYY!!!
this is the vending machine:

and this is the best one ever!!

Watch them!!! So that's what we spent the rest of our time doing....watching Jake and Amir.... hehe... love Jake's scream in the second one!!!

After that we went up to the Farm and I rode in drill team, Sarah's dad picked her up there and then Isabella (who was riding there earlier) came home with us.... We ate pizza and laughed a lot!! and in the morning we went to Classes... FUNN!!!

Jackie :D

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Sarah is over and we just made her a blog!!! WOOOTTTT
played tennis and ate candy!! Fun times with bestie!!! <3 We are listening to Lady GaGa!!! WOOOOTTT

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thinking and up beat music are not good mixes!

I am thinking and listening to Lady Gaga...not a good mix, xD I love her she has an amazing voice so don’t criticize...I think Isabella is going to get a blog tomorrow and maybe Sarah is too...


my favorite songs are:
~Alejandro -Lady Gaga
~Eh Eh (nothing else I can say) -Lady Gaga
~1,2 step- Ciara
~Heartless- Kanye West
~Missing you-B.E.P (Black Eyed Peas)
~Out of my head-B.E.P
~Shut up-B.E.P
~Lets get it started in here-B.E.P
~Imma Be- B.E.P
~Poker face- Lady Gaga
~I got a brand new Girlfriend-NA
~I'm AWESOME!-Spose

wow... as I wrote those more and more kept coming to my mind... as you can tell I like hip hop, R&B, Country and Pop... BTW those are not in order of my favorite those all rank highest... also I listen to Taylor Swift....

WOAH its late....Night

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

High steps till High school_--='=--_

Ok so every Tuesday I meet this guy who is my math tutor, his name is Al !! He is pretty amazing with his math.... He helps me get ready for next year and for those of you who don’t know.... next year I AM GOING TO PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL!!! I know you probably are thinking : why is she so psyched about THAT!??! well because I, as a home schooler think it is an adventure to go and be with hundreds of kids the whole day!!! so I am pretty good at math...I guess, but I am spending one hour every Tuesday with a tutor filling in the cracks in math that I could not cover alone in math with my amazing mom who's a great math teacher but, her least favorite subject was that gives you an idea of where I am going.....

So anyways, Today (Tuesday) I went there and he gave me the placement test which the school gives to people who are coming into that school so they know where to place you in math, there was a packet that he gave me and it contained 10 tests with 6 easy math problems for each, I got through it fairly easily...there was only one that I did not understand, but hey! that’s pretty good!!! so now we are waiting for the results and I am getting rather SYCHED!!! WOOOOOTT!!! haha xD

I have already been excepted into Pre A-P English, and I am taking French so now the only things I need are the results to the math placing test to know what class I am in and we have to figure out what science class I am in.....

Tomorrow I am going to have Sarah over again and I am going to teach her how to play tennis, then I am going to the farm to practice for drill team ( for those of you who don’t know...Drill team is a riding activities that consists of at least 6 horses and riders, and we do drills, example, half of us go right and the other go left and then we turn towards the center of the ring and cross paths... like that, except know what... look up "drill teams" on you tube and I bet you can figure it out on your own) and then my friend Isabella is spending the night and we are bringing her to classes on Friday...

So, fill you in maybe tomorrow night,


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's day!!

Happy mothers day! My mom got a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant, a really nice card, and lots and lots of ROSES!!!! Today we are not allowing her to do anything that she would usually do for us! she is not allowed to cook or clean!

What are you doing for mothers day?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friends and Pony Club Meet!

Yesterday was Friday and as I might have already mentioned I go to home schooling classes in Freeport. After classes Adam and Olivia came over and then my brother, Adam, Olivia and I all came home and hung out! We made a nerf movie and then we watched other movies...then Today we took them to watch us at the farm where we ride. My brother rode his horse at 11 and then we stayed there until my ride... which was at 3:45... My horse was so tired at the beginning of the lesson and then towards the end he gained energy, usually its the other way around.... Today was so hot! When it was around lunch time, it was 87* here.... FIRST OF MAY IN MAINE!!!! Once all the riding was done we went home and by the time my brothers horse and mine were back where they belonged it was 5... then Adam and Olivia parents came here around 7 and we had curry for dinner! I am ready for bed now and am probably going to sleep until 9 tomorrow....

Check back in soon,
Jackie! <3