Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dressage Rally

Today was the first rally of the year. I took Wishes, he was so clean, mostly because I had given him a 2 and half hour long bath, and then kept him in his stall that night, with his blanket on. It really paid off:

This is me (on right) with wishes, and Isabella(on left) riding her horse Chumley :)

That picture makes me laugh cause, Chumley's doing the hair flip that wishes usually does, and wishes looks digusted to be around that crazy ol' fool :P

At dressage rally my team got 8th in overall and 10th in horse managment.
tomorrow Im going to start working at the candy shop down the road, and on Monday my finals start, plus I have to take to of my finals (that I would be taking on Wednesday) either tomorrow or on Tuesday because well... IM GOING ON VACATION OUT WEST FOR 3 WEEKS :)
Im gonna go crash on my bed....
keep ya posted during the trip, first stop, Denver Colorado. :D