Sunday, June 27, 2010

ShowJumping Rally

Yesterday was Show-Jumping Rally, We had to get up and going at three in the morning. We got to the farm arounf 3:45-ish. After loading horses we were on the way, the trip was 3 hours 2 hours long!! Once at the show grounds we unloaded and parents left. This time I was NOT a team captian!! So less stress for me!!!!!!!! All three of my jumping rounds were clear, which means that I ever knocked anything down and Danny didn't refuse any of them!! In the end my team got 5th in Overall and 4th in horsemanagment!!

The was Very fun and I enjoyed it very much!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I just got back from Isabella's house! I slept over, I got to see Chumely and PAULIE!!!! love him!!

So last night we slept out in her dads ALMOST finished shop, and this morning we are woken up at 9:34 by a car honking insanely... it. was. Gabe. (her brother...) He came running up the stairs and tells us to get up, we are going strawberry picking...RIGHT NOWW!! We both want to ... but we want to get dressed....he says we he is leaving now, we say goodbye, and He says COME ON we ARE going! Isabella says : You'll have to drag me out of bed... and then she screams and laughs.. NOOOO!!!! because Gabe immediatly had grabbed her sleeping bag,he stops and runs down stairs "COME ON, I'M GOING NOWW!!!" and he was gone... we decided to get up.. and the day began.... also we had Show Jumping practice... IT.WAS.FUN.!!! :D
Tommorrow is rally packing day and then the day after is... YOU GUESSED IT... SHOWJUMPING RALLY <3 <3 :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Showjumping Rally!

Showjumping Rally is coming up this Saturday! I am not going to ride Wishes, I am gonna ride Danny, the horse I rode for ShowJumping last year! He was SO good and I am very Pumped because Tommorrow and the day after is ShowJumping practice !! and then on Friday is Rally packing and THEN SATURDAY IS THE RALLY!!

For some reason my laptop and Blogger dont get along... My Laptop doesn't let me upload pictures.... any advice?

What are you excited about for this week?? :)Have a GREAT day!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Drasage Rally

It was AWESOME!!! My team ( Savannah, Jordan, Briana, and our stable manager, Katelynn) were all great Troupers, It was one of the best teams I had ever been on!! I was the team Captain. Wishes did very well, I mean I was expeting a rodeo, but there was NONE!!! YYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!! In ribbons, our team got 3rd in horse managment ( that means our trailer area was very clean and the horses were all happy, they had enough to eat and full access to water) and 4th in over-all ( that means our riding)Yay for the Clary lake limes!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Night before Dresage Rally

So Today I did not practice my tests because its the day before and we always have to pack every thing. My team and I went through our rally kits and found ever thing was in tip top condition. I then went home and gave my pony a bath. He is now in a clean stall with a blanket on so he cant even roll in his poop! :) I know him to well, he do anything to be dirty! Gonna go pack personal stuff for the 3hour long trip tommorrrow....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rally Prep

The past few days I have been preparing for Dresage Rally. This is a Pony Club event and I am going to take my horse. He is usually Spooky when it comes to being ridden in unfamiliar places. So I have been riding him and trying to memorize my tests. I have two different tests. One is just walk-trot and the other is a walk-trot-canter, the canter one I have to preform twice.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Letters to Juliet!

Today my mom and I went to the movie theatre and watched "letters to Juliet" I think it is a very good movie, but my mom and I agree that its a bit shallow.... there is not really a HUGE problem and there is not really a climax...its kinda flat.... oh well I still loved it!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today I woke up and was immediatly cold, and I am STILL cold. I am not really doing anything productive today...