Thursday, June 24, 2010


I just got back from Isabella's house! I slept over, I got to see Chumely and PAULIE!!!! love him!!

So last night we slept out in her dads ALMOST finished shop, and this morning we are woken up at 9:34 by a car honking insanely... it. was. Gabe. (her brother...) He came running up the stairs and tells us to get up, we are going strawberry picking...RIGHT NOWW!! We both want to ... but we want to get dressed....he says we he is leaving now, we say goodbye, and He says COME ON we ARE going! Isabella says : You'll have to drag me out of bed... and then she screams and laughs.. NOOOO!!!! because Gabe immediatly had grabbed her sleeping bag,he stops and runs down stairs "COME ON, I'M GOING NOWW!!!" and he was gone... we decided to get up.. and the day began.... also we had Show Jumping practice... IT.WAS.FUN.!!! :D
Tommorrow is rally packing day and then the day after is... YOU GUESSED IT... SHOWJUMPING RALLY <3 <3 :)

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