Tuesday, May 11, 2010

High steps till High school_--='=--_

Ok so every Tuesday I meet this guy who is my math tutor, his name is Al !! He is pretty amazing with his math.... He helps me get ready for next year and for those of you who don’t know.... next year I AM GOING TO PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL!!! I know you probably are thinking : why is she so psyched about THAT!??! well because I, as a home schooler think it is an adventure to go and be with hundreds of kids the whole day!!! so I am pretty good at math...I guess, but I am spending one hour every Tuesday with a tutor filling in the cracks in math that I could not cover alone in math with my amazing mom who's a great math teacher but, her least favorite subject was math....so that gives you an idea of where I am going.....

So anyways, Today (Tuesday) I went there and he gave me the placement test which the school gives to people who are coming into that school so they know where to place you in math, there was a packet that he gave me and it contained 10 tests with 6 easy math problems for each, I got through it fairly easily...there was only one that I did not understand, but hey! that’s pretty good!!! so now we are waiting for the results and I am getting rather SYCHED!!! WOOOOOTT!!! haha xD

I have already been excepted into Pre A-P English, and I am taking French so now the only things I need are the results to the math placing test to know what class I am in and we have to figure out what science class I am in.....

Tomorrow I am going to have Sarah over again and I am going to teach her how to play tennis, then I am going to the farm to practice for drill team ( for those of you who don’t know...Drill team is a riding activities that consists of at least 6 horses and riders, and we do drills, example, half of us go right and the other go left and then we turn towards the center of the ring and cross paths... like that, except harder...you know what... look up "drill teams" on you tube and I bet you can figure it out on your own) and then my friend Isabella is spending the night and we are bringing her to classes on Friday...

So, fill you in maybe tomorrow night,


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