Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friends and Pony Club Meet!

Yesterday was Friday and as I might have already mentioned I go to home schooling classes in Freeport. After classes Adam and Olivia came over and then my brother, Adam, Olivia and I all came home and hung out! We made a nerf movie and then we watched other movies...then Today we took them to watch us at the farm where we ride. My brother rode his horse at 11 and then we stayed there until my ride... which was at 3:45... My horse was so tired at the beginning of the lesson and then towards the end he gained energy, usually its the other way around.... Today was so hot! When it was around lunch time, it was 87* here.... FIRST OF MAY IN MAINE!!!! Once all the riding was done we went home and by the time my brothers horse and mine were back where they belonged it was 5... then Adam and Olivia parents came here around 7 and we had curry for dinner! I am ready for bed now and am probably going to sleep until 9 tomorrow....

Check back in soon,
Jackie! <3

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