Friday, May 14, 2010

Tennis+Sarah+Candy+Drill team+Isabella+sleepover = FUN TIMES!! xD

Sarah and I had so much fun playing tennis, we played soooo much tennis!!!! Once we played for almost 2hours my mom drove us to the penny candy store that is not even a minute away from the court we were playing on! We got some candy and then we went home! at home we made Sarah her blog! and then we hung out and watched Jake and Amir.... FUNNNNNNYYYYY!!!
this is the vending machine:

and this is the best one ever!!

Watch them!!! So that's what we spent the rest of our time doing....watching Jake and Amir.... hehe... love Jake's scream in the second one!!!

After that we went up to the Farm and I rode in drill team, Sarah's dad picked her up there and then Isabella (who was riding there earlier) came home with us.... We ate pizza and laughed a lot!! and in the morning we went to Classes... FUNN!!!

Jackie :D

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