Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So since It was so hot outside today Isabella and her mom met us at my towns swim hole and we went swimming for almost an hour and a half!!!! It was SOOO refreshing, she came over afterwards and then came with us to tennis and today in tennis Harison, Noah, Theo, and I were cracking "ball jokes"! :) FUNNNNN!!!! after that we just hung out till my mom drove us to her meditation where her mom somtimes goes, We had to be really quiet, We had to move to an upstairs room bcause we couldn't stop giggling... B-D we just laughed, talked and ate rice cakes with creamy peanut butter!!! :P now it looks like its gonna thunder and I want to watch some more "red vs blue"!!! I LOVE YOU CABOOSE! IT'S OK TO BE STUPID SOMTIMES!! haha Caboose is amazing and if you watch red vs. blue you know why!!!

here is a typical caboose sceene:
Church: My legs wont work!!
Caboose: Hmmm, Have you tried walking it off?
Church: my LEGS WONT WORK....DUH!!!
Caboose: hmmmmmmmm....have you tried running??

XP hahahaha


  1. I LOVE CABOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!! ...too.


    I'm glad you're watching more Red Vs. Blue, it's soooooo awesome!!

  2. i would just like to put out there that you forgot to mention that they also tried to kill me.....

  3. I was going to mention that, but I didn't sorry....