Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SPRING!!... with snow?

So its March 23rd.... right? Ya Im guessing your thinking I'm stupid right now, because I could have just checked the date on my computer... but I just wanted to make you think about it... I know that we're more than half way through March... but I don't think the weather knows... It was all warm for about two days... I wore a skirt to school one day... But of course the next day, we got a foot of snow.. FOOT.OF.SNOW. >.<
What the heck?!?! I mean really?!!? its March... not December...

Anyways... thats been bugging me...

At Lincoln, we're finally in the 3rd trimester. Today in French we took the national French exam. It was..... interesting.... lets just put it that way... :D

Im really hyper.. I came home and was told to take my energy and clean the stalls. I did that... and now, I still have a lot of energy..Blarg!! :P

Gonna go do my homework,
Jackie :)

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