Friday, March 4, 2011


Wow.... I havn't posted in a really long time.... Sorry!!
I just havn't had any time to do anything but school, sports, homework, eating and sleeping. :) I like highschool. I have lots of amazing friends, who make me feel great.

Im partying cause its friday... even though Im sick. :) every one in this house is sick... but Im feeling better now that I've been dancing for an hour or so.

I'm so done with winter. Bring on the beach, horse shows, traveling, and bikini's with a loose, light shirt and shorts over them. Im soo done with being cold tired and cold... did I mention cold?

The horses are getting rather fat. :P

Gonna go sing along with Rihanna and "S&M" :) deall with it buddayyyy (<- I've found my inner hick. I speak Hickesh now..... BUBB!)

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